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Conversational AI
The Power Of Chatbot

Conversational AI refers to the technologies that power automated messaging and speech-enabled applications. Conversational AI employs Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR), Natural Language Processing (NLP), Advanced Dialog management, and Machine Learning (ML) to recognize speech and text, understand intent, decipher different languages and respond in a human-like way.

The quality of Conversational AI tools is critical, as it is often the first or only customer touchpoint for most brands. If the service delivered falls short, companies risk losing a prospect or existing customer within minutes.

Ennuviz uses the latest tools and the art of conversational design to create responsive, 24x7, seamless, and personalized customer experiences, that lower cost, and power service-focused businesses to increase customer retention.



“May I help you” is a prompt we often see when browsing sites. This automated customer service technology is simply called a ‘Chatbot’. Chatbots can guide users to their end goal with little or no effort from the user. Today, chatbots are deployed widely across customer touch points. Ennuviz helps design intuitive and intelligent Chatbots using a mix of AI and Natural Language Processing tools.

Rules-Based Chatbots

Chatbots that follow pre-designed rules to answer queries.

AI Chatbots

A more evolved option, where the bot automatically learns and understands after an initial ‘training’ period.

Live Chat

Used for Sales and Development, these bots manage simple, real-time chats.