Transform, grow, thrive, sustain

Our competitive service offerings and customizable engagement frameworks deliver total value through timely & sustainable digital transition. We make the digital journey truly feasible, with clear milestones & goals, right from the word ‘go’.

Ennuviz’s multi-skilled team of strategic consultants, business process specialists, and solutions architects work seamlessly to understand and assess client operations and identify areas for improvement & transformation using proven methodologies and industry best practices.



Successful, sustainable digital transformation

Our delivery services operate on a Build-Transform-Transfer model, for a long term and truly viable journey. Our goal is to enable client teams to deliver digital transformation solutions at an enterprise scale. The model empowers organizations and people to lead and maintain the transformation initiative themselves, post transition. Ennuviz continues to engage as a strategic tech partner, so that our clients benefit from the latest innovations in technology & methodologies.


Ennuviz’s structured approach identifies processes with high return value using our simplification, standardization and elimination criteria, calculates ROI and sets realistic expectations, priorities & timelines.


Delivery Services

  • Process Intelligence as a Service (PiaaS)
  • Automation as a Service
  • Integration Service
  • Managed Service Platform

Additional Services

  • Industry-Specific Governance, Assessment & Checklist
  • Frameworks
  • Accelerator & Reusable Assets



Proof ofValue

Demonstrating capabilities using process simulation, SOP, RACI, OOTB reporting and cost analysis for continuous process improvements


Build Phase

Analyse, Design, Develop, Test, Deploy


Knowledge transfer

Onboard client teams, offer ongoing support and maintenance



Support transition to Client organization


Extended support

Engage to provide inputs on expert design & technology advice


Partners in change

Our managed services work on a Build-Transform-Operate or Build-Operate Model where we partner with clients on a day-to-day basis, offering ongoing support to run and maintain their digital transformation infrastructure (platforms, tools etc) and solutions (Enhancement) while clients focus on building strategic high-value initiatives.


Our managed services work on a Transition-Operate model where we partner with clients to offer day-to-day platform managed activities, ongoing support for running and maintaining automation infrastructure, and minor enhancements to keep automation solutions relevant to business expectations (platforms, tools etc.)


Managed Services

  • Automation Ops as Service (AOaaS)
  • DevOps as a Service (DOaaS)



Technology & Platform selection

Curate tools & technology suited to client objectives



Collaborate with Client’s Enterprise Partners to Customize the Governance & Operating Model


Robotics Operating Model

Implement Shared Service or COE model leveraging our assets like Demand Management, Assessment & Qualification and Governance Templates


Development of Adoptative Processes & robust Governance frameworks


  • One

    Plug n Play for fast process adaptation & improvement

  • Two

    Increased Productivity as employees engage in higher value work

  • Three

    Flexible engagement options

  • Four

    24x7 support for managing big or small issues

  • Five

    Ownership of process as partners & stakeholders in the outcome

  • Six

    Extended client lifecycle, through end-to-end managed solution

  • Seven

    Scalable business model

  • Eight

    On demand resource availability


The talent edge

The right talent helps organisations achieve their objectives. Be it scaling or thriving in changing business scenarios. For this, companies need access to quality resources, at quick notice. Ennuviz is the right partner as we have unmatched expertise in digital workforce staffing.

Our professional services open up a pool of available, pre-screened, and qualified talent. Our teams have the domain knowledge, training & certifications, to identify and make the right offers to the best candidates. Our cost and engagement models are flexible and transparent, bringing you value with every hire.

  • Proven Experience

    Ennuviz has extensive experience in meeting high quality talent requirements for diverse industries & domains, including for Fortune 500 companies

  • Flexible Staffing Models

    We offer Managed Services, Project Based Staffing & Bulk Staffing

  • Client Focussed

    Our approach is tailored to your needs. We operate Onsite, Offshore & Nearshore models across the globe

  • Winning Approach

    Enjoy the advantages of fast on-boarding backed by Global Business Strategy and a focussed domain team with technical SME leading the entire process

  • Value & Results driven

    Our services are metrics & process driven, with a fully transparent cost model