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Our Advisory Service offers organizations professional advice and assistance in enhancing their operations and increasing profits. Our team of professionals collaborates closely with clients to comprehend their business requirements and challenges for tailored solutions. We leverage the latest technologies and best practices to assist organizations in optimizing their processes, minimizing expenses, and enhancing efficiency. We specialize in providing unique services such as Process Intelligence Advisory as a Service (PIAaaS) and Hyperautomation Advisory as a Service (HAaaS). This empowers organizations to stay ahead of the competition and confidently achieve their operational objectives.

Process Intelligence Advisory as a Service

Process Intelligence Advisory as a Service (PIAaaS) supports and guides organizations in improving their business processes. It includes strategy and planning, evaluation of platforms, and recommendation of shared service and competency models. It also includes customized business transformation processes, governance and operating models, and business enablement. This service also offers Process Intelligence 101 and 201 sessions to educate stakeholders on the benefits and best practices of process intelligence. Overall, it helps organizations jump-start their transformation journey confidently and intends to optimize their processes and improve operational efficiency.

Our Expertise

Strategy, Process & Governance

Process Intelligence Operating Model

Domain specialization (SCM/ERP/EWM)

Tools Evaluation & Recommendation

Demand Generation & Qualifications

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Hyperautomation Advisory as a Service

Our Hyperautomation Advisory as a Service (HAaaS) provides expert support and guidance to assist organizations in successfully implementing hyperautomation to enhance operational efficiency. This service helps organizations streamline their operations and achieve significant cost savings by leveraging advanced technologies such as robotic process automation, artificial intelligence, and machine learning. Our service includes a comprehensive range of services, including strategic planning, shared services, tailored automation processes, operating models, and business enablement. This service provides Hyperautomation 101 and 201 sessions, educating stakeholders about the benefits and best practices of hyperautomation to improve adoption.

Our Expertise

Strategy, Process & Governance

Automation Operating Model

Industry Agnostic Process Qualification

Tools Assessments & Recommendations

Setup Center of Excellence / Shared Services

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