Machine Learning. Human Evolution.

Automation is the creation and application of technologies to produce and deliver goods and services with minimal human intervention. Automation frees up employees from routine & repetitive tasks while improving the efficiency, reliability, and speed of many business processes.



Robotic Process Automation is a productivity tool that can mimic or emulate selected tasks (transaction steps) within an overall business or IT process. These may include manipulating data, passing data to and from different applications, triggering responses, or executing transactions. RPA uses a combination of user interface interaction and descriptor technologies and can be overlaid on one or more software applications.

Today Ennuviz has successfully implemented RPA to a great extent in both general business functions like HR, Finance, IT, Governance, Risk & Compliance as well as for Industry-specific processes.

  1. Insurance

    Claims processing

  2. Banking & Financial Institutions

    Investor reimbursement

  3. Manufacturing

    Purchase orders & invoice management

  4. Healthcare

    Insurance Provider management



While RPA deals with specific tasks, IPA refers to a set of technologies that combine to manage, automate and integrate digital processes. These primarily include Digital Process Automation (DPA), Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and Artificial Intelligence (AI).

IPA represents the huge shift to fully automated technologies like driverless cars and autonomous drones. In business, IPA is transforming customer interactions and workflows through automated tools like desktop assistants for example. IPA works in this space, helping organisations digitise their operations and deliver services in an automated world.