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Managed Services

Build, Transform, and Transfer Your Business

Our managed services work on two models, Build-Transform-Operate for long-term engagements and Build-Operate-Transfer for a projectized manner. We partner with clients on a day-to-day basis, offering ongoing support to run and maintain their digital transformation infrastructure platforms, tools, etc. We also provide solutions enhancement while clients focus on building strategic business initiatives. Ennuviz focuses on achieving digital transformation and meeting the client's business objectives by maintaining business operations. Our structured approach identifies high-return value processes using simplification, standardization, and elimination criteria. It calculates ROI and sets realistic expectations, priorities, and timelines.


Process Mining Opportunity Discovery as a Service

Process Mining Opportunity Discovery as a Service (PODaaS) facilitates organizations to identify potential opportunities to improve their process using process mining technology. This service allows organizations to leverage process mining technology to optimize operational efficiency. It includes a discovery workshop assessment report that provides insights into the organization's current processes and identifies areas for improvement. This service helps create a business case and a high-level execution plan to address these areas and achieve process optimization.

Potential Outcomes

Fitment Assessment Report

Tools Recommendation

Business Case with Forecasted ROI

Execution Plan, Estimates, and Timeline

Hyperautomation Opportunity Discovery as a Service

Hyperautomation Opportunity Discovery as a Service helps organizations identify automation opportunities and make informed decisions to improve operational efficiency. Our automated business process discovery using UiPath process mining analyzes process data and insights on automation opportunities. This is executed with our integrated feasibility assessment, including functional and technical feature levels. This ensures automatability with our value engineering through cost-basis analysis and ROI forecast.

Potential Outcomes

Feasibility Assessment Report

List of Automatable opportunities

Tool Recommendation

Business Case with Forecasted ROI

Baseline Estimates and Timeline

Discover Process Intelligence & Hyperautomation Opportunities
to boost your business excellence.


Process Intelligence as a Service

Process Intelligence as a Service (PIaaS) allows organizations to gain insights into their business processes with technology and expertise. This solution includes several key components, such as Due Diligence & Process Discovery Questionnaires, a Discovery workshop, the setup of a Process Manager, and a Collaboration Hub with Taxonomy and Hierarchy. It also includes the Modeling of both AS-IS and TO-BE processes. This service provides organizations with the tools and expertise to gain valuable insights into their business processes. They also optimize operations for maximum efficiency, drive continuous improvement, identifies, and build process intelligence use cases, which help organizations understand and improve their processes. Finally, the solution consists of a transition plan to ensure a smooth and seamless implementation of the new procedures.

Potential Outcomes

Platform Setup

As-Is process flow & SOP

Report on improvement opportunities

Solution recommendation

Transition document

Scalability Plan

Automation as a Service

Automation as a Service (AaaS) is a comprehensive solution. It helps organizations to automate their business processes with a combination of technology, expertise, and services in the Build and Transfer model. This solution includes several key components like Automation Requirement Gathering and Functional & Technical Feasibility Assessment to determine the possibility of the automation solution and solution design. Development BOT, followed by Build & End User Testing & Training, ensures the solution meets the organization's user-friendly requirements. We provide warranty support to ensure a smooth transition and the continued availability of support during the initial adoption period. Overall, it provides organizations an end-to-end solution to automate their business processes. It includes from initial requirements gathering to deployment in a Fixed Cost model. This enables organizations to scale their automation to improve operational efficiency, reduce costs, and increase productivity.

Potential Outcomes

Reporting and Analytics

Process Definition Document and Solution Design Document

Build, Test, and Deploy

End User Training

Transition document

Digitization as a Service

Digitization as a Service (DaaS) is a comprehensive solution allowing organizations to digitize their business processes. This involves paper-based or scanned image data through technology, expertise, and services. It includes several key components, including capturing digitization requirements and conducting a functional and technical feasibility assessment. It includes designing the digitization solution, customizing activities, and engineering data solutions. The solution consists of building, developing, and integrating AI-ML skills with UiPath BOTs, testing, and deploying the solution. Ongoing support includes retraining AI-ML skills with new data sets and redeployment of BOTs as needed. This service is valuable for organizations looking to modernize their processes and improve operational efficiency.

Potential Outcomes

ML Model Creation and Testing

Build, Test, and Deploy


Transition Document

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Support & Maintenance

Automation Support as a Service

Automation Support as a Service (ASaaS) provides organizations with ongoing support for their automation solutions lowering their Total Cost of Ownership. The service includes the monitoring and support of automation solutions, minor bug fixes, and platform patch upgrades. Once an organization has implemented an automation solution, it is essential to ensure that it continues to operate smoothly and efficiently. This is a valuable solution for organizations looking to maintain the effectiveness of their automation solutions over the long term. Providing ongoing support for automation solutions helps organizations to ensure that their processes remain optimized and efficient over time.

Potential Outcomes

24/7 Expert Support

Patch Upgrades

Bug fixes

Business Benefits

Plug n Play for fast process adaptation & improvement

Increased Productivity as employees engage in higher-value work

Flexible engagement models

24x7 support providing L2 & L3

End-to-end Accountability

Strategic treatment -White glove

Delivery Assurance

Extended client lifecycle through the end-to-end managed solution

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