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process intelligence
Performance From Every Process

Process Intelligence involves tools and techniques that deep dive and map out processes, to help organizations identify bottlenecks and improve operational efficiency.

By monitoring and analyzing processes on a historic or real-time basis, Process Intelligence software provides accurate data on work items, people responsible, duration, average wait time and typical bottleneck areas. PI is very useful for managing nonlinear processes with multiple dependencies.

Process Intelligence Components


Process modeling is a detailed, end-to-end graphical visualisation of all the tasks in a business process. It allows every process to be examined in-depth, so as to understand the workflow and find areas for improvement. The key takeaway from process modeling is defining business objectives and mapping processes to accomplish the same.



Task Mining is the technology that leverages Optical Character Recognition (OCR), User Keystores system functions and machine-learning algorithms, to capture desktop interactions and find relevant actions that impact business outcomes. It helps businesses understand how their people are getting work done and how to optimise it.

Task Mining combined with process mining gives the fullest picture of how processes run, including those steps which are not captured in conventional logs.