Contact Center Intelligence

Contact Center Intelligence

Simplify your contact center processes with ai technologies. Our contact center intelligence eases the customer journey with hyperautomation and process mining.

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Business Case

Contact centers are vital in the customer journey, delivering the best customer experience and brand representation. Most customers expect a seamless journey across assisted and self-service channels and prefer email channels over other platforms. A better customer experience requires shorter call times, instant ticket handling, and minimizing ticket issues. Managing email channels becomes overwhelming for employees due to the high volume of messages. When the challenges are resolved, customer satisfaction increases, paving a touchless customer journey.


Ticket Handling


High Volume of Emails

High Volume
of Emails

Increased Costs


Agent Attrition


Improve your contact centers with our product

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Our Solution

Contact Center Intelligence solution works cross functional to improve operational excellence, optimize costs, and enhance customer experience. This multi-part solution focuses on AI-Infused Automation, Conversational AI, and Analytics. AI-Infused automation facilitates email classification, ticket creation, and routing results to customer requests. Chatbots elevate the customer experience with instant responses to customer requests. Touchless automation miner helps monitor the process and provide complete visibility of the customer’s journey.

AI-Infused Automation

AI-Infused Automationhelps contact center agents manage the high volume of emails efficiently using machine learning-based email classifiers and bots. This technology streamlines creating support tickets, assigning them to the right agent, and resolving customer inquiries. Its efficient approach minimizes response times and enhances customer satisfaction. Processes such as updating the change of address/name are automated from email requests sent by customers using UiPath hyperautomation. The process is simplified to meet the customers’ expectations with AI-infused automation.

Conversational AIimproves customer satisfaction through Chatbots with immediate responses and reduces the cost by avoiding agent-assisted calls. This reduces the manual workload caused by a high volume of calls per day. Processes such as beneficiary change are executed through customer engagement with conversational AI using chatbot tools like SnatchBot. Increased customer satisfaction with faster reply time helps businesses nurture their relationship with customers/clients. This helps to meet customers' needs promptly. This enhances the process efficiency and simplifies manual tasks swiftly.

Conversational AI
Touchless Automation Miner

Touchless Automation Mineroffers end-to-end visibility of the extensive customer journey and assists with automation discovery. By utilizing process mining, process owners can efficiently monitor the performance of their existing bot and pinpoint activities that have the potential to be automated. TAM allows process owners to have better control over SLA breaches and resolve tickets in a short period. The automation cockpit is built-in and used to measure the performance of the bot. Our solution boosts the companies’ net promoter scores through auto reminders to customers.

Built-In Action Center


Examines the performance of the bot, areas of improvement, and the advantage of implementing the bot in the long run.


Finds the process in contact centers for optimization and other areas for automation to achieve touchless processing.

SLA Breaches

Identifies cases that breach SLA and significant bottlenecks. Notifies customers through email of the delays with built-in automation capability.


Analyzes the cases where automation and manual processes should be implemented. Skills are built in Celonis for automatically triggering emails to customers in case of delay.


User-friendly Dashboard


Bot Performance Monitor


Automation Scope calculator


Integrable with RPA



Email and Chat Bot Automation

59% Reduction in Operational Costs

59% Reduction in Operational Costs

60% Increase in Productivity

60% Increase in Productivity

57% Increase in CSAT

57% Increase

35% Reduce Churn Rate

35% Reduce
Churn Rate

Touchless Automation Miner

30% Increase in Productivity

30% Increase in Productivity

35% Reduction in SLA Breaches

35% Reduction in SLA Breaches

500+Requests Processed per Day

500+Requests Processed per Day

6FTE Automation Opportunity Identified

6FTE Automation Opportunity Identified

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