Business Case

Banks and Financial Institutions want to improve their top-line revenue, asset value, and active account holders in the competitive marketplace where crowdfunding and peer-to-peer lending firms impose challenges. A few challenges in financial institutions are loan cancellation affecting top-line revenue, delay in processing impacting customer satisfaction, increased operational cost due to rework and rejections, and loan rejection due to employee error. Cancellation insight to action aids in mending errors to boost revenue and the loan process gets smooth with 360° visibility of the complete process.

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Loan Cancellation


Low Customer Satisfaction


Increased Operational Cost


Manual Error

Our Solution
Revenue Maximization

FinTech Revenue Maximizer is an intuitive and innovative turnkey solution that enables Lenders to have 360° visibility of their lending practice and process. Spot bottlenecks, risks, inefficiencies, and non-value-adding activities with actionable insights to stay competitive and maximize revenue possibilities. This solution optimizes loan processes, improves customer satisfaction, closes a high volume of loans, and reduces bad debts. A custom-defined KPI and root cause analysis are created to make wise decisions.

Built-In Action Center
Cancellation Overview

The Cancellation View demonstrates the Top reasons for cancellation applications categorized by Channels, Loan type, and Volume. Adding on, it allows us to deep dive and Investigate the reasons for rejections.

Processing Time Analysis

The cycle time analysis highlights where the bottleneck was during the loan processing and helps to introspect the targeted process area for development.

Internal Benchmark

The Benchmark view facilitates us to compare any two parameters within the organization like Channels, Loan types, or regions to identify the best practices.

Channel Overview

The Channel Overview establishes a detailed insight into the performance of the Online, Offline & Agent Channels. It supports us to compare the volume, loan issuing rate, processing time, and region-wise distribution.

 User-friendly Dashboard
 Root-cause analysis
 Smart Automation
 Integrable with RPA
  • 18%  Reduction in Cancellation
  • 20%  Decrease in Rework Rate
  • 22%   Reduction in Processing Time
  • 360°   Visibility on E2E Process
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