Non-Compliance Remediation

Discover SLA breaches and process improvement opportunities and experience E2E process visibility to optimize supply chain and data management processes.

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Business Case

Managing master data poses challenges for businesses, which need to optimize master data management processes, enhance operational efficiency, and minimize SLA breaches. Managing materials across different categories in the Consumer Packaged Goods industry requires significant effort. As a businessperson, meeting SLAs in the material creation process is crucial. However, material rejections often disrupt the flow of operations. This challenge is not unique to this domain, as other areas like finance, vendor, and customer face similar obstacles.


SLA Breaches


Material Rejections in Process

Material Rejections in Process

Process Variations & Bottlenecks

Process Variations & Bottlenecks

Process Non-Conformance

Process Non-Conformance

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Our Solution

Non-Compliance Remediation solution utilizes software tools such as Celonis and SAP Signavio to continuously monitor lengthy processes and achieve targeted objectives. This enables us to identify areas for improvement in product categories and processing agents while also benchmarking our performance against internal standards to determine best practices. This comprehensive solution identifies and prevents potential SLA breaches while analyzing the root causes of material rejections. We optimize the end-to-end process for various request types through value streams such as OTC and PTP.

AI-Infused Automation

SUPPLY CHAIN SLA AND COMPLIANCE Our turn-key solution is customized to meet the unique needs of process leaders, process owners, and subject matter experts. They can easily visualize and compare their processes, derive valuable insights, and take immediate corrective measures with our solution. Our dashboard and features like benchmarking, process comparison, and dynamic rules can seamlessly integrate pre-existing automation. Collaboration channels such as email and messaging tools minimize turnaround time and can be implemented, customized, and expanded effortlessly.

Built-In Action Center

Cycle Time & SLA Breach Analysis

Our analysis process thoroughly examines bottlenecks, breaches of service level agreements, and delays. Our solution lets users pinpoint the exact factors contributing to these inefficiencies and comprehend their overall impact.

Rejection Analysis

The analysis of process variations and rejections across various product categories over time is completed in this phase. The top reasons for denials and source of origination are also spotted accurately.

Interactive Action View

Customized action view helps process owners and leads track their KPIs, including SLA breaches. This enables continuous monitoring of cases close to exceeding their designated timeline. It offers users proactive measures, such as sending email notifications to the processing agent, to prevent breaches from happening.

Internal Benchmark

Internal benchmarking helps compare various material groups, plants, and regions within the organization. It enables us to identify and capture best practices from one business area and evaluate their potential effectiveness across the entire organization.


Prebuilt Dashboard


Customizable to Value Stream


Support Material, Customer, and Vendor


Integrable with Robotic Process Automation



15% Less Cycle Time

15% Less Cycle

60% Reduction in SLA Breaches

60% Reduction in SLA

18% Lower rejection rate

18% Lower rejection

20% Decrease in Rework

20% Decrease in

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