Business Case

Managing materials across different categories in the Food and Beverage sector in Consumer Product Goods industry is a tedious task. Business proprietors frequently confront challenges in meeting their SLAs in the material creation process and often face reworks due to material rejections that obstruct the smooth operation of the process. The same challenge can be seen across other domains such as Finance, Vendor, and Customer. The CPG industry faces challenges in the Master Data Management process (MDM) and requires optimization in MDM, an increase in operational efficiency, and a reduction in SLA breaches.

Digital Transformation | Robotic Process Automation | Process Intelligence

SLA Breaches


Material Rejections in Process


Process Variations & Bottlenecks


Process Non-Conformance

Our Solution

Our Non-Compliance Remediation solution works together with Process Intelligence tools like Celonis & SAP in tracking the performance of cycle time with dynamic SLA, identifying the improvement prospects across Product categories and Processing agents, and finding the best practices in the business through Internal benchmarks. They help in detecting possible SLA breaches with smart sensors, measuring the root causes of material rejections, etc. They also optimize the end-to-end process of the request types by value streams like OTC, PTP, etc.


Non-Compliance Remediation is a turn-key solution that can be customized to empower process leaders, process owners, and subject matter experts to visualize, compare processes, derive insights, and take corrective actions in real time. Our built-in dashboard and features like benchmarking, process comparison, and dynamic rules can integrate pre-existing automation. Collaboration channels like email and messaging tools reduce the time of delivery and are easy to implement, adopt, and scale.

Built-In Action Center
Cycle Time & SLA Breach Analysis

In-depth analysis of bottlenecks, SLA breaches, and delays along with the ability to drill down is executed to recognize the factors contributing to these inefficiencies and their impact.

Rejection Analysis

Visibility on process variations and the rejections that happen across various product categories over a period is done. Also, the top reasons for rejections and source of origination are spotted accurately.

Interactive Action View

Customized Action View helps Process owners/leads to track their KPI, for example, the SLA breaches. It enables continuous tracking for cases that are about to breach the distinct timeline and equip them with proactive action to send emails regarding the breach to the processing agent.

Internal Benchmark

Internal Benchmark aids Comparing various material groups, plants, and regions within the organization. This leads to capturing best practices that are happening in one part of the business and validating whether the same can be replicated across the organization.


This dashboard offers a complete process overview of the material creation process that provides details on volume, cycle time, and process exceptions for every product category. It identifies inefficiencies such as rejections, SLA breaches, and their root causes. It helps Executives and Process Owners to identify critical areas of process improvement, such as process exceptions, bottlenecks, and rejections. It also enables them to spot SLA breaches in advance and helps them to take preventive action.

 Prebuilt Dashboard
 Customizable to Value Stream
 Easy to Implement
 Integrable with RPA
  • 15%  Less Cycle Time
  • 60%   Reduction in SLA Breaches
  • 18%  Lower rejection rate
  • 20%  Decrease in Rework
    with our expert and start your transformation journey today.