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The CPG industry constantly fluctuates in growth due to consumers’ expectations. With the rapid change in consumer demand, the industry, on the other hand, focuses on improving its processes like supply chain, data management, etc. Making a strategic move with digital transformation is significant for business growth. Automation and process intelligence technologies come in handy to augment this business transformation in workflows.

Key Challenges

Consumer Packaged Goods undergo many encounters in the supply chain. The causes for these challenges are inflation, data management, E-commerce shift, inventory management, and less visibility. Supply chain disruption has become inevitable in CPG as it impacts the availability and cost of goods. Data management faces issues such as identifying data and streamlining the data integration process among various silos. Due to global inflation, inventory management and end-to-end visibility have become challenging.


Cost of Goods


Data Management


E-commerce Shift




Inventory Management


Supply Chain

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Consumer Packaged Goods Operations


Order Processing

Order management is directly related to customer experience. With hyperautomation and process mining, this process can be streamlined.


Supply Chain Management

Optimize the warehouse operations based on the global environment and consumer demands with hyperautomation and process intelligence.



Improve the procurement process’ performance by automating and streamlining the goods inspecting and purchasing functions.


Data Management 

Process mining and hyperautomation enhance master data management by administrating the customer and vendor data for data quality.


Inventory Management

Reordering products, tracking inventory levels, and generating reports based on it can be automated for better inventory management.


Invoice Process

Capturing & processing invoices with automation and analyzing data from invoice processes using process mining improves the process.

Business Outcomes

Increase Operational Efficiency
Supply Chain Optimization
Improve Customer Experience
Minimize Operational Costs
Data-Driven Decision Making
Improved Planning
Better Quality Control

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How does automation improve the supply chain?

Automation improves supply chain management by simplifying procedures, eliminating mistakes, and increasing efficiency. Automated systems can manage inventories, handle orders, track shipments, and give real-time data analytics. It also assists in optimizing the supply chain by lowering lead times, strengthening supplier relationships, increasing consumer happiness, and, eventually, increasing profitability.


What is process mining in supply chain management?

Process mining evaluates event logs and data from multiple supply chain processes in supply chain management to acquire insights into process performance, identify bottlenecks and inefficiencies, and improve workflows. It provides real-time monitoring, continuous improvement, and data-driven decision-making, increasing supply chain efficiency and cost savings.


How is process mining implemented in the supply chain?

Process mining is implemented in supply chain management to acquire insights into process performance by gathering and analyzing data from diverse supply chain processes. It includes mapping and visualizing process flows, detecting bottlenecks and inefficiencies, and optimizing processes using data. Process mining improves supply chain efficiency, lowers costs, and improves decision-making.


How can the supply chain process be improved?

There are several approaches to enhancing the supply chain process. Using automation and digitalization to streamline workflows, data analytics for real-time monitoring and decision-making, improving supplier relationships and collaboration, inventory management, and investing in sustainable and ethical practices are all effective strategies for optimizing supply chain performance and achieving long-term success.


What technology can improve the supply chain?

Several technologies can improve supply chain management, including automation, data analytics, blockchain, Internet of Things (IoT), and artificial intelligence (AI). These technologies can help to simplify operations, provide real-time monitoring and data analysis, improve communication and cooperation, improve inventory management, and optimize logistics, leading to enhanced efficiency, lower costs, and more customer satisfaction.